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  Baby shower games can be just as much fun for the guests as the presents are for the mom-to-be! Whether you are the expectant mom, the hostess, or a guest at the baby shower, you will have a lot of fun with this list of popular games. These will surely get everyone laughing and joking around.
The Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game
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As each guest arrives they will be given a diaper. Only one diaper has a smear of brown eye shadow or a brown piece of paper in it. The guests are not allowed to look inside their diaper until the end. The one that has the smear wins.

Not Allowed Word Baby Shower Game
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As each guest arrives pin five safety pins on them and explain that using a certain word will not be permitted. When someone says that word the first person to catch them gets to take one of the safety pins to pin on themselves. At the end of the party the guest with the most pins wins the game.

Words that might not be allowed: If your mom-to-be knows the sex of the baby you may want to choose girl or boy to be off the list. Baby, present, kids, and crying are other popular words that will be heard at a party.

Name that Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game
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Each guest will need a blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil. The host will have a list of nursery rhymes questions, and the guests must fill in the blanks. The one with the most wins.

Here are some examples:

Jack be nibble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over what?
What is the title where a boy breaks his crown?
What did Little Miss Muffet eat?

Baby Hot Potato Baby Shower Game
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You will need a doll for this. The guest of honor will get to start. When the music or song starts, the baby (doll) is passed from one person to the next around the circle. When the music or song ends, the person left with the doll is out. The process is repeated until the last person left wins the game.

Baby Word Search Game
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Before the party the host needs to either print off a word search with baby words in it or make one herself. Hide words like baby, bottle, diaper, feeding, food, crying, cuddles, and pajamas.

Make sure there are enough copies for all the guests, including the mom-to-be. Give each guest a word search and the one that finds the most words wins.

Pass The Present Game
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This is another game much like musical chairs, only no one gets up. The mom-to-be will be handed a present that has been wrapped a number of times with different color wrapping paper. She will pass the present to the next person and so on, when the music stops the person with the present gets to unwrap one layer. Once the music begins again she passes it on. The last person to unwrap the actual gift gets to keep it.

Baby Crossword Puzzle Game
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Each guest is given a crossword puzzle, and the one to complete it first wins. The puzzle should not be too complex, though the clues can be either easy or hard - it’s up to the host.

Measuring Mom-to-be Game
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This one is sure to get a lot of laughs! Pass around a roll of toilet paper and have each guest pull off, as many sheets as they think would be needed to go around mom-to-be. Watch and see what others say, some will be really small while others will be large.

After everyone has pulled off their sheets have the host wrap the toilet paper around the mom-to-be and count the sheets. The one with the exact number or closest wins the game.

Memory Tray Game
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Have twenty items laid out on a tray or a dish; make sure it’s covered with something so no one can see. Pass it around to each guest; they only have 30 seconds to view it. Give them a piece of paper and have them write down everything in the tray. The one that has the most correct items on their list wins.

Taste Test Game
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See who can guess the name of the baby food. Before the party the hostess will buy about 5-10 different baby foods. Making sure the name is not on the jar, instead tape a number over the bottle instead. Write down the name that goes with the numbers and keep them in a secret place. Once the party begins hand each guess a spoon with a piece of paper and pass the baby food around. The one that guesses all of them correct or the most correct wins the game.

No matter how many baby showers you go to, these games will always be fun.

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